Creative Graphic Design & Marketing from Print to Digital Works


The Investment

Putting the professional creative touch in your brand, logo, or business card can be the difference between 'OK' and 'WOW!'.  Invest in yourself and your clients will do the same.

Luxury Brand Package

$900 Investment

For those who take their business seriously.

  • First, I will walk you through the process of creating your brand, making the best representation of you through the ultimate visual experience for your clients. 
  • Then, I will tackle your logo to create an appealing design that will draw in your clients and represent who you are as a business.
  • Finally, I will create your icing--the delicious little extra's for you: business cards, website/social page header image, letterhead, invoice template, postcard and more.


Logo Package

$400 Investment

For those who have established their vision.

  • This package is designed to help you put a logo to your already envisioned brand.
  • You provide your values, goals, client characteristics, colors, visual style and I take it all and sum it up into an impressive logo.
  • Your logo will be provided in multiple file types so you can use it anywhere; web, print, apparel ect.
  • Your logo files will be provided in CMYK, RGB, and Greyscale and you will recieve a logo guide to maintain how your logo is used in the future.


Icing Package

$150 Investment

For those who only need the icing for their business.

  • This package allows you to choose 3 extra's from a huge selection and combine them into a fabulous low cost option.
  • Must be related in design.
  • ​Extra's For This Package:
    • Letterhead
    • Invoices
    • Envelopes
    • Business Card
    • Postcard (4"x6"), Single Sided Design
    • Small Flyer (5.5"x8.5") 
    • Small Poster (8.5"x11.5")
    • Poster (11"x17")
    • Apparel or Tote Bag
    • Website or Social Page Header Image


Select One of the Above Packages or
the 'A La Carte' Section below.

By Selecting a package you are not committed to anything, you will simply receive more information.

The 'A La Carte ' Section

For those who only want a specific project created.

  1. ​​Letterhead
  2. ​Resume Altering
  3. Invoices
  4. Envelopes
  5. Business Card
  6. Postcard (4"x6")
  7. Small Flyer (5.5"x8.5") 
  8. Flyer/Brochure (8.5"x11.5")
  9. Poster (11"x17")
  10. Apparel or Tote Bag
  11. Office Supplies (ex. pens, mousepads)
  12. Website or Social Page Header Image
  13. ​Vehicle Decals
  14. Complete Vehicle Wrap 
  15. Stickers/Decals Multi-Purpose
  16. Large Banners (custom sizes)
  17. Pull-Up Banners
  18. Flags​​
  19. Editing Previously Created Work (not created by me)
  20. Graphic Design at Hourly Rate

  1. $60
  2. $60
  3. $60
  4. $55
  5. $55 SS*          $65 DS*
  6. $65 SS*          $85 DS* 
  7. $70 SS*          $95 DS*
  8. $80 SS*          $100 DS*
  9. $85
  10. Custom Quote Required
  11. Custom Quote Required
  12. $100
  13. Custom Quote Required
  14. Custom Quote Required--Available Locally only 
  15. Custom Quote Required
  16. $100
  17. $120
  18. Custom Quote Required
  19. $35/hour; files must be provided in 'ai', 'eps' or 'pdf'
  20. $65/hour

* SS refers to Single Sided Design on the item
* DS refers to Double Sided Design on the item
* On items which have a set price the alloted design time which I provide is 3 hours per project.  Additional time due to multiple revisions on the clients part will be charged at an additional $25/hour
*All custom work will be provided with a written contract describing design work involved and provding a quote.  Contract must be signed by the client before any work is done.